“Without entrepreneurs, there would be neither work nor prosperity”, Miguel Bordoy

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Miguel Bordoy was born in Palma in 1945. Since both parents were teachers, the young boy could write and read early. “I was able to read and write very well at the age of 8, thanks to my parents, but I have to admit that I studied more from a practical perspective“

Miguel Bordoy says that his parents have never pushed him to choose the same career as them. And this, although many young people are usually influenced by their parents’ professions. “You can feel exactly what you want when you start living your own life, at least this happened to me.”

Actually, the ambitious young man wanted to study architecture, but his desire to become an entrepreneur led him to found a construction company at the age of 21. “Suddenly, I had a dozen workers. I remember that we built two hotels, and first they paid us half the money only… These are the lessons you learn for the future, I paid my apprenticeship.”

A lifetime being an entrepreneur, he always had an insider view. Strength, honesty, and modesty are the characteristics that best describe him. “After 10 years in the construction industry, I decided to start something new.”

In 1975 he founded Trablisa, one of the most important and oldest security companies in Spain.

“An entrepreneur needs to gain experience and overcome many obstacles throughout his career. To overcome these obstacles with prudence, knowledge and risk tolerance and to choose the right path is something that you don`t learn at School, and it is so important.”

Bordoy was convinced that he could continue to develop Trablisa with hard work and responsibility, never thinking of the limits of his success. “At the beginning, we tried to plan ahead half a year or more, but we quickly realized that the day-to-day business was taking advantage of our full commitment.”

Today, Trablisa is a company with more than 3,500 employees who improve their annual income statement. The security company offers all kinds of security products: cash transport, surveillance, fire protection, etc. … In other words, the entire range in terms of security.

“In business life, the risk is always present. The economy has its own cycles and we need to adapt and respond to their stimuli. Many companies had to close during the last severe economic crisis. At Trablisa, the crisis had no effect on the quality of our services, but the amount of our revenues. “

Based on his many years of experience, Bordoy gives some tips to young entrepreneurs who want to succeed with their business idea: “First I would tell them that they have to be passionate about their business, and secondly there are established goals and budgets. And finally, the strong and steadfast faith and trust in your company.” Bordoy shares his experiences with his son also, who is to lead the family business.

What is the role of the entrepreneur in our society? Miguel Bordoy has always defended the entrepreneurs: “If there were no entrepreneurs, there would be no work, neither wealth nor well-being. When we talk about entrepreneurs, sometimes we refer to the elite businessmen, who unfortunately often prostitute themselves, but most entrepreneurs are good people who fight for their business and their employees.”


Interview published in “Empresarios con Valor”

 ©Antonio Travería
 ©Mª José Merino


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