J.P Palmer Asesores or the effectiveness of management in Puerto de Andratx

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J.P Palmer Asesores is the only fiscal, accounting, labour and estates administration consultant’s office in the Puerto de Andratx. Even though in the town exists a vast amount of real estate agencies (more or less thirty five), there is no other company that compete with the one of the brothers José and Pedro Palmer Bauzá. It’s located in the 1st Gabriel Roca Street.

It’s a settled company which counts with a wide and reliable clientele, both national and foreign.

It is not a real estate agency, but if you need to manage your income statement, labour contracts, neighborhood association and many other things, J.P Palmer Asesores is a great alternative.

The manager, José Palmer, explains that his company “was founded by his father and that it is actually managed by his two children. Apart from that, we count on eight more people who work with us and although the war is tough, we are still there…”

How and when did everything start?

It was in 1995. I began alone, although my father, who by that time was very close to his retirement, gave me a good customer portfolio. He was a great commercial manager. Over here, in the Puerto de Andratx, everyone knows us and our business, which it is based on reliance.

Have you noticed the crisis?

Everybody has noticed the crisis, however, our job is very regular, perhaps we were not so damaged. I would say it didn’t make us go backwards more than 15% but …

The truth is that since 1996 until 2007, the company was always increasing and with enough capacity to improve. Then, between 2008 and 2013, this growth became stable and it decreased a little bit. Now, it seems that everything is getting back to normal…

In the town of Andratx, a 25% of its population is German. And their clients?

We have got every kind of customer. I couldn’t quantify it. There are many foreigners, yes. Our customers are loyal and the new people usually gets to us due to the called mouth-ear.  As we work in various sectors – labour, fiscal, accounting and estate administration – our clients come from different origins. Most of them, that’s true, are people we already know.

In which season is there a bigger workload?

Without any doubt, from March to August… In that period the employment’s contracts rise, the movements in the owner’s meetings, etc.

And that without selling any houses, neither insurances, neither …

Indeed, we don’t sell that, therefore in some special cases, in very specific requests, we outsource to specialized companies because we want to offer a 100% quality job.

Do the new technologies make easy your work?

Yes, without doubt. The truth is that, even though the face-to-face deal is very relevant, it also has a great importance the fact of sending notifications through e-mail or whatsapp, for example. We open the office from 09:00 a.m. to 02:00 p.m. and in the afternoon we work with prior appointments and other  tasks that are not face to face with the public. It’s evident that the new communication systems have benefited the sector, although in this way we must be living and working at any time and place…

After 20 years of experience working in J.P. Palmer Asesores, which one has been your best job or challenge?

It’s hard to say … I remember that, some time ago in the morning, all the balcons of the first plant of a community of owners that we managed were demolished. There wasn’t any personal tragedy but we had to move very quickly and communicate with lots of people. Complicated negotiations but with happy endings. A phone company had installed a wifi amplifier in the building and they showed a very good intention in face to the problem… At the end, everything got OK. In fact, they are still our clients…




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