Javier Blas, partner director of Illeslex Abogados; it is very important to offer pre-emptive advise to companies

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ibeconomia.com - viernes, 21 de junio 2019 | 9:24 Hrs.


Illeslex Abogados is a multidisciplinary Law Firm formed by 11 lawyers, covering the different areas of Business Law. It also focuses its activity on the provision of services in the field of real estate law, urban law and tax law, to serve foreign customers who invest in the real estate sector in the geographical area of ​​the Balearic Islands.

In addition, in Illeslex Abogados have professionals of labor law and tourism and business consultants, which allows us to meet all the consulting needs of companies.

Can you specify the services you offer for companies?

We offer companies preventive advice, which is the most efficient and profitable since it aims to avoid future litigation that consumes time and economic resources in companies. We want companies to feel like a partner, very close. For this reason we offer the provision of our services in the form of equal, that is, the payment of a fixed amount that allows them to contact us without a time limit and with security about the final cost of said services. In this way the company can plan the cost of legal advice and avoid deviations in their budgets.

What are the business practice areas of law?

We advise in law and commercial contracting in general and in particular in bankruptcy law and unfair competition law, banking and financial law and economic criminal law …

To what type of companies are these services directed?

Illeslex Abogados is committed to addressing all types of companies, although we focus more on the small and medium-sized companies that make up the majority of the Mallorcan and Balearic business fabric.

There is a lot of talk lately about compliance and the need for companies to have a program. Do you think that entrepreneurs are aware of the need to do so?

The preventive counselling of a criminal nature in companies was implemented in 2015, on the occasion of the reform of the Criminal Code. Therefore, it has not been long for companies to become aware of the need to have these programs. In any case, they are already condemning companies in the criminal field that make the issue more to the surface. In the end, the implementation of a compliance program is an opportunity for companies to improve their systems and processes and to report on a better service for their clients, seeking their highest satisfaction, which is the key to a long-term commitment to the company.

You also have tourist law within your areas of specialization …

Tourism has a specific weight in our economy and constitutes the great industry of the Balearic Islands; that is why we advise tourism companies and people who live in this industry. A separate chapter deserves the phenomenon of holiday rental of residential homes, sector in which Illeslex Abogados has specialized. Proof of this is that we are the legal advisor of the two associations of this sector: Habtur and the Federation ETV Mallorca.

How do you face the essential specialization required by the market with a proposal that integrates all areas of law?

We seek that our professionals have a general vision of Law and legal news, and we are committed to specialization, since the regulatory vortex in which we are installed (local, regional, state and European standards) prevent a lawyer from advising in all branches of Law.

Illeslex Abogados recently celebrated its XV Anniversary in 2018

Indeed, last year we celebrated our fifteenth anniversary and we wanted to share with society a part of what our professional practice has given us. In this way, we sponsored two classical music concerts with the Choir of the University of the Balearic Islands, one in Santanyí -where we have an office- and another in Palma, where our central office is. We have also officies in Sóller and Pollença.

Before, in the month of November, we celebrated in the Hotel Valparaiso along with other entities such as the Cercle d’Economia de Mallorca a forum on the future of tourism, which was a great success, having two heavyweights of the tourist world as Luis del Olmo, as moderator, and Antoni Riera as speaker.

And we also recently learned that it sponsors the “Let’s talk about education” forum that will take place in Palma in September …

Education, together with sports and culture, are other areas in which we want to contribute our grain of sand because we are convinced of the importance of investing in education. It is the best investment for the future.




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