“In our company, the most important thing is the given word“, Coloma Coll

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Coloma Coll (born in Palma in 1945) inherited the energy, dedication, perseverance and the seriosity of her father. “He always said, that the most important thing is to keep the given word. We have kept this principle over the years.” She was never a spoiled girl and always admired the attitude of her father, “to get something, you have to do something for it first.”

Coloma Coll got to know the business at a very young age. It was in 1946, when her father founded a garage in the Arturo Rizzi Street in Palma. She remembers: “People trusted us, there were not as many garages as today. And a car was a luxury item.”

Automóviles Coll was founded in 1966. From 1966 to 1984 the company was mixed with many well-known companies such as Chrysler, Barreiros, Talbot and Peugeot. Being a woman was not a big thing for Coloma, although she was the first licensee working at SIMCA. She was “involved in the business since I was very young”.

She thanks her husband, Francisco Forteza, for his support and cooperation during all these years. “He has always supported me, even though his business is not really related to mine. He has shown me new ways to make the company more innovative and profitable.”

Coloma is convinced that the key to success is that she has continued the work of her father and has always been surrounded by a professional team. “I did not have to fight so much because I was always surrounded by amazing people”. This is one of the things Coloma Coll is particularly proud of: knowing how to maintain this working atmosphere over the years and the special relationship with her approximately 100 employees. “I come almost every day, like my father, who came until the end. That was something he needed just as much as I do. I am a very active person.”

Coloma Coll believes that the role of the entrepreneur in our economy is crucial. One of the entrepreneur’s contributions to society is that he creates employment, which at the same time improves the overall panorama. Coloma Coll is quiet and modest. She does not show it, but the professional success of her family in the last 70 years, is something, she is very proud of.

Without hesitation, Coloma Coll took over the helm of her company. Even at a young age, she knew all about the secrets of her business. During her holidays, she enjoyed to enter the office and learn at the same time. When her father brought documents home, they talked about the business. She has really good memories from those moments.

You can feel the special, family atmosphere in every corner of the company. This is not only due to the fact that the employees remain until they retire. “When I go through the different departments, I try to talk with everyone, even about personal things.”

One of the things that make Coloma very happy is the family dinner, with all family members, especially with her six grandchildren. “Even if it was difficult at first, on these occasions, it is forbidden to talk about cars.” And this in a family where each one is passionately connected to this topic.

Interview published in “Empresarios con Valor”

 ©Antonio Travería
 ©Mª José Merino



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