‘Eight Pedals’, renting Cannondale bikes to professional and amateur cyclists.

Carlos Moyá, Lionel Scaloni, Gonzalo Barrantes and Carlos Riutort run a new business in Can Pastilla.

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ibeconomia.com - martes, 10 de abril 2018 | 7:29 Hrs.

Despite of being a startup set up last January, ‘Eight Pedals’ holds, according to its manager Carlos Riutort, “great expectations”. It is a pioneering company, offering professional bicycles’ rentals and repair services. It is located in Can Pastilla, in Calle Grau, next to Palma Aquarium. This business is run by four friends. Three of them are very well-known as sportsmen.

Carlos Riutort, the manager of ‘Eight Pedals’ explains the origin and the future of this company.

– How did it all start?

-“Well, it all started almost as a joke. Carlos Moyá, tennis player; Lionel Scaloni, ex-football player (from Deportivo de La Coruña and Real Mallorca, among others); Gonzalo Barrantes, medical director of C.D. Atlético Baleares; and myself started this adventure with enthusiasm”.

– What do you do in ‘Eight Pedals’?

-“On the one hand, we rent state-of-the-art bicycles and on the other, we repair any type of bike. The rental is quite selective due to the type of bikes we lease. The repair services are offered for any type of bicycle”.

–  You focus on a specific brand, don’t you?

-“Yes, we do. Cannondale is considered one of the best brands of the world.  Cannondale Bicycle Corporation is a US company headquartered in Bethel, Connecticut with manufacturing facilities in Pensylvania until 2015. Nowadays it produces in Taiwan and Vietnam. It was set up in 1971 by Joe Montgomery. Cannondale began manufacturing aluminum racing and touring frames in 1983, with mountain bike frames added later. The earlier models sported oversized aluminum tubes for increased stiffness, resulting in frames that were super-stiff and super-efficient. Later, carbon fiber composite frames were developed.  The company was named after the Cannondale train station in Connecticut…”


– What is the aim of the company?

-“The aim is to rent Cannondale bicycles to professionals from Scandinavia, Denmark, Sweden, U.K and Germany, who come to Mallorca to train. They are high performance cyclists and obviously they need to rent a high quality bicycle. In fact and fortunately, many customers have already booked bikes for the high season”.

– What type of service do you offer?

-“We offer a personalised service, trying to please our customers as much as possible. We take the bikes over to their hotel, apartment… After the rental we pick them up. We repair the bikes if necessary and we calibrate and adjust them according to our customers’ height, weight, etc…”


– Are you open the whole year?

-“Yes, we are. Our aim is to offer services throughout the year as cycling is not affected by seasonality in the same way in all countries. We are even assessing to expand to other destinations, a part from the Balearic Islands”.



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